Accessing JPR Studios


Thank you for booking JPR Studios! To get the best out of your experience, here are some things to do:

Watch the instructional video above. It instructs you on how to locate the studio.

Parking: Free and abundant. Park in the QDoba/7-11 parking lot or the parking lot behind the building.

Access: You will receive an email with the access code to dial into the keypad. It will alert our team so we can then buzz you in. To get to rom 316, take the stairs or the elevator lift.

Entering the studio: You will receive a unique code to enter into the lockbox on the door of the studio. Do not share this code with anyone at any time. When you enter, the light switch will be to your left.

Music: Find the white remote on the black desk. Then, press the Bluetooth symbol, and when you see the lights closest to the backdrop flickering you should then locate “GE BR30 Speaker Bulb” in your Bluetooth settings.

That’s it! You’re welcome to use the equipment in the studio. At the end of your session, please return the equipment to its original location.

Please do not roam the building and respect the neighbors.

You’re going to create something great and we can’t wait to see so be sure to tag us @jprcreate!

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